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  Metal Oxide Varistors
Elpro Varistors are in conformance with IEC 1501 - 1 - 2. Tested at independent laboratories like Electrical Regional Test Laboratory and Electrical Test and Development Centre and approved by Component Approval Centre Telecom.
The advent of automation and process control systems has set up a rapid pace of development in the electronics industry. Not surprisingly, there is demand for better reliability of electronic equipments and control systems. A major factor affecting the reliability of these systems is the transient overvoltage or surge in power line. Despite their short duration, these transients are extremely damaging to modern electronic equipments wherein advanced ICs and other components are used and are very sensitive to such high voltage surges. Major failures in sophisticated electronic systems are attributed to these transients. Besides failure in electronic systems, these transients can also affect electrical systems by damaging transformers, contactors and similar components via insulation breakdown, spark-over etc.
The surges typically come in the form of :
• Direct lightning
• Induced lightning
• Short circuit or blown fuses
• Grounding fault
• Switching operation of heavy load
• Electrostatic Induction
To overcome these problems associated with transients, surge suppressor devices are used. Amongst the suppressor devices available, Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are the latest electronic ones.
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