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As official channel Partners for M/s. Esmart Holdings Ltd., A Singapore Listed Solution provider, we offer services of Importing and supplying goods and samples in small to medium quantity in Indian Rupees. This serves as best start up for importing samples and Kits for evaluation and design-ins before product design can be frozen for mass import.
Esmart handles a vide variety of Principals from Components to total product design and even off-shore manufacturing facilities. We closely interact with OEMs and Principals to get goods into India in most cost effective manner by consolidating at our Singapore Associate office.
Customer gets dual advantage of hassle free imports at most viable costs.
With our Singapore and Hong Kong Associate offices, we can offer complete Logistic support of sourcing, Kitting and shipping to major OEM imports. We have very goods contacts with leading Freight forwarding agents as well as Customs clearing agents. We have been providing this facility across various segments of industry like Industrial Electronics, textile machinery spares etc. Consolidation and warehousing facility saves costs of multiple imports and ensures getting all goods or BOM as single cargo to plan production schedules.
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